Just like me, Romeo also has Wild Cousins

Jerry sent me this picture because it looks quite a bit like our little Romeo.  It’s hard to see if you’ve never met Romeo, but I think it’s the eyes.  Pomeranians are often called “Little Foxes” so the similarity is not a surprise.

I can’t find an exact picture to capture the likeness and Romeo actually hates having his picture taken, so it’s hard to get good shots of him.

One thought on “Just like me, Romeo also has Wild Cousins”

  1. Those are the cutest little animals!
    I just love pets of all kinds and would really want to get a dog (I was thinking of something bigger, like German Shephard).
    However, I am scared my apartment will stink!
    Some dog-owing friend have warned me that it takes way more time and effort to keep a dog than I could think at a first look.

    Anyway, I still want one!


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