Moving up in the world

Well today I learned that if you google “woman cute dogs” my blog comes back as the 113th result.  Woohoo!  Guess I’ll have to work harder to bet into the double digits.

I am now up to 9 countries that have blog readers.  This week readers from Algeria and Bangladesh joined the fray.

In other news:

Of course, my mother who proclaims me to be the worst person on the face
of the planet simply because I don’t think it revolves around her, still makes up 17% of all hits to my blog when you total hits from her office, home and boyfriends apartment.  The weirder thing is that she actually downloads and saves stuff from my blog. Creeeepy!

My bitch of a sister in law makes up another 10%.  She spends hours sometimes just trolling through the archives.  She’s turned into a cyber stalker.  She definately has some issues and is one taco short of a combination plate.  I mean anyone that leaves dirty diapers around until maggots grow on them can’t be normal, right?

What this means?  At least once a day the only 2 people that I don’t want any drama from cannot help themselves but to read my little blog here to see if I’m talking about them. 

So to make them happy, there, now I’ve talked about you.  Now go find yourselves a life so you don’t have to keep obsessing about mine!

On the brighter side! 
Jerry has a 3.5 day weekend so it will be nice to hang with him.  After 12 years of marriage I still love spending time with him (most of the time). 

There’s only 64 days left until the move.  Our realtor, Jody, has already put out feelers looking for a place.  This week I took a huge bag of clothes to consignment and donated some others and  I donated all my wigs to SLEW Wellness Center

Today I “re-packed” all my grandmothers Noritake china into double walled, heavy duty boxes for long term storage.  I hate lugging it all over the country but no one in the family seems to want it and it should remain in the family, so I’ll hold onto it for the next generation, which as it stands is only my nephew, Logan.

2 thoughts on “Moving up in the world”

  1. Well, you have definately earned your visitors from all those countries!
    I am from Finland, so if you haven't added that to your list you got one more 🙂


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