Bumpy start for June

59 days and counting until moving day. 

Flapjack, Summer 2002
Stress is increasing, but we had a big stumble yesterday.  Over the weekend I noticed a red spot with an irregular shape and bumpy texture on Flapjack’s tummy.  Yesterday I took him to see the vet and it turns out he has a Stage 4 heart murmur and his lymph nodes are all swollen from his neck to his tail.  Sounds so familiar.  It was only 7 years ago all of my Lymph Nodes were swollen.

Flapjack 2011

We started him on an ACE inhibitor called, Enalapril.  Hopefully that will help the heart murmur enough that he can be given anesthesia to biopsy the lymph nodes. 
Fortunately he’s not in pain or anything.  The only outward signs that anything may be wrong is that he gets tired when he’s outside faster than he used to, but we just attributed that to his age.  We rescued him in March 2002 from the Animal Defense League of San Antonio, which is a no-kill facility.  The day we adopted him he was originally scheduled for termination until the ADL rescued him from the humane society the night before.  At that time he was estimated to be around 4, so he’s around 13 now.  If we lose Flapjack it is going to be a lot to take on.  When Merlin passed away after 10 years, I lost it alot more than Jerry, but if we lose “Daddy’s Boy” Flapjack, it’s going to be hard on both of us.

FJ’s Orthopedic Heat & Massage Bed

Right now we are waiting for the bloodwork and urinalysis to come back tomorrow or the next day before we know anything else.  His X-rays don’t seem to have any obvious masses, but I’m not a vet.


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