Happy & Sad Day with our Nieces

Today is both a happy and sad day.  I am am extremely happy that we got to go to MacArthur Park to see Bonnie and Courtney today.  We haven’t seen them since Jan 2010 so it will be nice.  I am also very sad because it will more than likely be the last time Jerry & I get to see our nieces until their High School Graduation.  They have gotten so tall!  They are very skinny and have legs that go on forever.  I have a feeling in a few years there are going to be some boy drama!  If they keep growing like this they are going to reach supermodel heights!

Even though we went to the park ay 9:00 AM, after 2 hours everyone was exhausted, sweaty and tired.  When we were ready to leave we discovered that like a total ditz I had lost my keys.  Luckily, it only took about 15 minutes to find them, but that final push in the heat did me in.  An ice cold shower, nap and Gatorade later I am feeling better, but still have a nice headache.  Just a mild case of heat exhaustion.  Heat Exhaustion

We still very excited about our move, there isn’t anything left in Texas for us anymore so we look forward to starting a new chapter!

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