Childhood Pictures

I am a bit sad that I only have a handful of pictures from my childhood.  There are a lot of pictures from the years Woburn-Worcester but my mom has them all.  I offered in 2007 to pay to have all the pictures she has of all the kids scanned to DVD and order multiple copies so everyone could have all the pictures in professional quality and she agreed, but then refused to send them. 

I honestly don’t know why she insists on keeping at least my class pictures from elementary boxed up in storage when they would bring me happiness, but that’s probably exactly why she won’t send them to me. 

I guess if she dies before me, I might get them at that time, but with my health, she might be around longer than I am.

What gets me is she sent Ken all his stuff from childhood and he doesn’t even have a steady home.  She did send me some report cards and pictures I drew when I had cancer (2004-2005), which was very nice, but I would really like some pictures from early elementary.  Other friends from Worcester are posting their Papa Gino’s pizza party and other pics and I don’t have any to post.  I just wish I had some to post before the next Midland Street Reunion.

Midland St Elementary – the only school I “fit in”

It makes me sad enough that everything I owned except for the clothes in a suitcase was lost in 1991.  I don’t have my white teddy, yearbooks, my cheerleading uniform or anything else from my childhood, but that’s a long story that I need a Xanax to even think about I get so upset.  It will be in my book, but I haven’t written it yet.

17 Wetherell St – The last time I felt like a normal kid

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