Well, We Cut the Cord…Cable TV Gone

One more wasted payment every  month gone!  It was a complete unnecessary luxury item and we spend more time on our computers with the TV just as background noise.
We finally did it!  We decided to cancel our DirecTV.  We have an AppleTV and we subscribed to Netflix streaming for $7.95/month.  It really makes sense because most of the shows we like to watch have ended and all the shows we currently watch can be either viewed on Netflix or purchased through iTunes.  Even purchasing season passes to our shows on iTumes at $30 a pop is cheaper than $70 a month for basic cable when annualized.
I used to read all the time and even though Jerry bought me a Sony Ereader, that is awesome, I only read at the gym on cardio days.  I hope to change that.  I want to rediscover reading.

I no longer use my Sony Reader, so it will be going in the eBay pile as I prefer to read on my iPad.  I love the way the ‘paper’ looks on the Sony and our Kindle (yes, were are gadget junkies) but on the ipad there is no need for a light at night.  Besdies, with the Kindle App I can go back and forthe between the Kindle and my iPad without losing my place.  In a real pinch, I could pick up a book with my Blackberry Kindle App if I was stuck in really boring meeting!
Amazon is having a $.99 cent sale until the 15th so I downloaded several books and am ready to roll!  The $$ we are saving is going straight into our luxury savings account (where we save all our spare change for vacations, special items, etc…).  We saved enough in spare change the first 5 years of our marriage to pay for a trip to Ireland.  It is getting harder as we rarely carry cash anymore so we have found other ways, like the example posted here, to add funds to that account every month.

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