When You and Your Mother Can’t Be Friends

What I’m reading now:
When You and Your Mother Can’t Be Friends: Resolving the Most Complicated Relationship of Your Life

Extensive research went into this detailed study of troubled mother-daughter relationships and how these relationships can be improved, usually through the efforts of the daughter. Dysfunctional parents usually raise dysfunctional children who pass the same behavior on to their children unless a conscientious effort, often with the help of therapy, is made to break the chain. Practical advice on how to come to terms with, and often improve, unhealthy mother-daughter bonds is offered through excerpts from many interviews and quotes from experts.

I just started this book today and it is a quick read, not technical.  This book had me hooked during the intro. By the end of Chapter 3, I had laughed, went “Ah-Ha”, and shook my ponytail from side to side and up and down. I’m heading into Part 2 (Chpt 4-9) but so far recommend this to anyone with a “strained” or as in my case, non-existent, relationship with their mothers.

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