Veggie Chips – YUMMY!!!

Veggie Chips (No Salt Added) – Fruit & Veggie Chips – Snacks – NutsOnline

These are one of my favorite snacks! They are so yummy! This veggie chip assortment includes sweet potato, squash, carrot, green bean, and taro.   They have salted and unsalted variety and you can get my favorite, the green beans, seperately.

I used to buy them all the time to munch on at work and everyone made fun of me for eating Veggie Chips. That is until they tried them! Then I had to hide them.

Eventually I stopped buying them because at $7.00/lb, they are not cheap to feed an office that size (40+ people).

I am buying them again now since I only have to share with Jerry (maybe!).  I can’t wait until they get here!

The site also has an awesome selection of nuts, dried fruit, dried veggies, trail mixes, coffee/tea and even freeze dried fruits and veggies.  They have some delicious stuff!

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