DUDE! Where’s My Uterus? Today’s the day!

Well today is the day!  We are hoping the tumors are just Fibroids.  The typical chance that the tumors will be malignant is one in one thousand, but having had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 6 years ago and the damage done to my immune system makes me immunocompromised, so my odds are a little higher.  If the tumors do turn out to be Leiomyosarcoma, then having the hysterectomy is the best way to remove all the present tumors.  Besides, I’m not using my uterus for anything.  It’s just sitting there gathering dust and cobwebs!

Of course, if for some reason the odds do run against me, we will have to postpone the move so I can keep my same Oncologist and keep Jerry’s current health insurance that is remarkable.  My drugs alone were $250k in 2004 and our out of pocket costs were only $4k for all my visits, drugs, procedures, surgeries, etc…
Having any medical procedure surgery can be stressful and taxing.  After having multiple surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and countless procedures, I’ve learned through the years that having a sense of humor about everything that life dishes up is truly the best medicine

I prefer to try and maintain a sense of humor about many things, the more serious, the more I try to maintain a sense of humor about it.  I try to live my life as an open book because so many people keep things so close to the vest, they don’t know that the person they talk to everyday might have gone through the same thing and could be comfort to them. 
Kung Fu Uterus
 While some people may not understand why I live life so openly, my feeling is that if what I’ve experienced or am experiencing may be useful to someone that doesn’t know where to turn for comfort, advice or just a sense of well being that they’re not alone.  I have found that being open has started dialogue with people I know and strangers and has often brought me comfort.  My openess has even led my Hematologist to give my number out to newly diagnosed Hodgkin’s patients for someone to call upon with questions and concerns.

I’ve always been this way.  In the 6th grade when the girls went to a special class about our changing bodies they gave us little brown paper bags with samples of tampons and pads in them.  When the boys later asked why we got bags, I told them.  I didn’t think it was a big deal.  Boy, were the other girls pissed!  Mind you this was in 1985 and I heard about it again as recently as last year!  Geesh, get over it!

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