Native Union – Moshi Moshi Pop Phones – AWESOME!!!

 I simply had to write about my new toy.  Plug it in, set your ringtone to “Classic Ring” or “Old Fashioned” depending on your phone, then sit back, close your eyes and wait for a phone call. 
If you were born before 1985, you will be instantly transported back to your teen years.  Long nights spent gabbing on the phone to your BFF about the cute boy in class while your parents are yelling at you in the background to stop tying up the phone line (remember, there was only one phone in the house and most of us didn’t have call waiting until the 90’s) twisting the cord around your fingers until it was so mangled when you hung up the phone the cord was now permanently stuck in a big ball! 
Ahhhhhh… I can almost smell the Aqua Net!

But I digress.  I saw Lenny Kravitz using one of these in a tabloid photo a few weeks ago and couldn’t figure out why he had a handset sticking out of his pocket.  Upon further investigation I discovered, the POP Phone.
I used to talk on the phone quite a bit, but as the cell phone gained popularity and LAN phones went by the wayside I found myself talking on the phone less and less.  Now, my talk time averages less that 10 minutes a month.  I text, IM and chat.  Even my husband and I use Google Chat from work and home, it’s just so much more convenient.
The main reason I slowly stopped using the phone is that I felt stupid asking people to repeat themselves so often.  I have a hard time hearing what people are saying with all the static, ambient noise, cutting in and out, etc…
I ordered a POP phone mainly for Skype-ing with my Brother and Sister-in-Law from my computer, but I also have an iPod (4th), iPad (1st) and a Blackberry so I figured for $30 it worked with all my devices so what the hell.  So far I’m in love!
It feels smooth, it is a standard size, plugs into a headphone jack and has a connect/disconnect button on the inside of the handle.  Best of all…it has a curly cord! 
Now for the sound check I plugged POP into my Blackberry Curve 8320 in San Antonio, TX and called my brother on his cell in Portland, ME. When I first said Hello, I though we had gotten disconnected until I looked at my screen.  There was no static, no ambient noise!  The noise canceling technology used is quite good.  I heard my brother talking crystal clear and I only heard him!  Not his TV in the background or the traffic.  It was quite remarkable!  When I asked him how I sounded he could hear me fine as well.
I may just start talking on the phone more.  It was very comfortable to hold between my shoulder and cheek, didn’t get all sweaty or hit buttons on my phone with my chin, I didn’t have to make sure it was charged and linked like a Bluetooth headset and if are one of those people that worry about radiation, this decreases it by 99%.
PS.  If you’re on my Xmas list, better comment below and tell me what color you like!  You might be getting one….. just sayin.
Check out their website for other cool, yet more expensive products that allow you to do more things with your phone.

One thought on “Native Union – Moshi Moshi Pop Phones – AWESOME!!!”

  1. This thing is really amazing. Jerry called me from his bluetooth in his car and he was amazed at the sound. He says he uually has to turn up the volume when he calls me, but today he had to turn it down! I couldn't even tell he was in his car. It sounded like we were bothin soundproof booths!


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