Yay!! We got the Slumber Party house!!

Well, I think we got the house!  Whew!  What a load off.  I can relax a little bit now. 

All of my peeps have an open invitation to visit anytime!  This goes out especially to all my relatives in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine!  The entire top floor is a big game room and I think we could fit everyone up there for a big old slumber party (only 1 bath, but we’ll make it work).  The house is less than 2 miles to Downtown “Party Central” Richmond, Shockoe Bottom, we’re an hour from the beach and I think 2 hours from the mountains.
Chuck & Val, I expect you guys to take Val’s vacation down in Virginia next year and bring the cutest nephew on the planet with you!
Jennifer, I expect you and Stephanie to come down for a girls weekend when you can get a sitter,  Uncle Joey, there is a golf course nearby if you need a weekend away with free room and board.  All the other brothers, sisters, cousins, Aunts and Uncles are welcome, even if you just need someplace to crash on Spring Break (for the younger ones).
I am so excited to be finally closer in distance to my family.  I hope the closer distance will help make us closer as well.

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