I am so pooped!

I am exhausted!  We have 10 more days in Texas and still have a lot of packing to do.  Luckily, Jerry’s last day at work was yesterday, so he’ll be here all week to finish up the packing.  I’m doing all I can, but the hysterectomy was only 2 weeks ago and I’m still on lifting and bending (not to mention sex) restrictions for 6 more weeks.  It’s very frustrating!

I can get a box together, but it takes twice as long as it should and when I’m done filling and sealing it, I can’t move it.  I have to wait for Jerry to come home and move it our of my way to do another.  So basically, I’ve been able to pack one box a day.  Not very productive, but now that he’s going to be home, it should move much faster.

For a very do-it-myself independent woman, this is near torture!  Jerry is so sweet though.  He saw a trash bag tied up to go out and got mad at me for lifting it.  I had to explain to him that I carried the trash to the bag a couple pieces at a time.  Not exactly fast, but it got the job done!

Unpacking should go a lot faster since we’re only going to unpack the things we absolutely need for daily living and we are taking the time to label the boxes very clearly and detailed.  No unnecessary unpacking.

I just wish we hadn’t found out I needed surgery a month before the move.  Bad timing, but it was not something I could put off with my medical history.  Unfortunately it adds a bit of urgency to things that otherwise might be able to wait.

Looking forward to getting to the east coast, just hope the kids behave on the trip.  Other than Romeo, none of them have been on a long car trip and none of them have come close to a 25 hour trip. 

Lucky for me, I’m spoiled and Jerry wants me to relax and read and play games the whole way and not worry about doing any of the driving.  So with a little Dramamine, it should be smooth sailing for me!

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