Jerry, the Super Hero

Well 36 hours to go until the movers get here.  Jerry is being a superhero.  My husband is the absolute greatest.  He always goes into overdrive to pick up any slack and he pulls it off!  He really pulls off the last inning finish, which is when I’m puttering out.

Last night I was so sore from all the bending that today I still don’t feel that great.  I’m almost 1 month post op and have 4 more weeks to go on restrictions.  The soreness goes all the way around my middle down to my lower back.  My back is hurting the most.  I can’t wait until the movers load up and I can take an extended guilt free relaxing rest.

Over the past couple weeks we have managed to trim about another 1,000 pounds of stuff.  Jerry took alot of outdated electronics to the Hackers Clubhouse for them to disect and part out for their projects, as usual, the family took a few big items off our plate, Goodwill either loves us or hates us this week (we took 2 PT Cruiser loads down there), managed a quick $300 bucks on Ebay and Jerry hasn’t had to make too many trips to the dumpster.  We really had less ‘trash’ than I thought we would.  Of course, the closer we get to the deadline, the more stuff starts to look like trash. :-}

All the computer application and programming books took Jerry 4 trips to the car, they were so heavy!  That is one of the best things about the Kindle.  We no longer have to lug all these heavy books around!

The kids are stressing out a bit, especially Romeo.  They know something is going on , but they don’t know what.  They’ll end up happy.  They get a road trip which they love and then they will have a great yard to cavort in.

Poor Biscuit keeps getting moved around, I think he finally found someplace to squeeze into for a nap where he won’t be disturbed.

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