Our first 24 hours in Richmond

After last night, I was ready to throw in the towel!

Today was better. In our first 24 hours we met 2 tow truck drivers, one roadside assistance guy, the staff at both our local Pep Boys Auto Shop and Enterprise Car Rental. Busy first day!

It did finally turn around. We got a new tire and Pep Boys were able to match our existing locking lugnuts to the other tires because the ones on the tire had been double threaded, whatever the hell that means.

30 minutes after Enterprise picked me up to go rent a car, our car transporter Jeff called. He was 37 miles away even though he wasn’t due until tomorrow so we got Jerry’s car a day early. Took a while to get it off the truck because the car behind him didn’t have enough gas to start!

Pep Boys finished replacing all my tire studs before they closed, so we now have both cars and dropped the rental back off after only 5 hours and 20 miles! Yippee!

On the plus side, our second tow truck driver, Chris, told us about a Greek Hoagie place not far from the hotel and he has excellent taste!!! The grilled chicken hoagie was awesome!!

We are both still exhausted, so we decided to stay in the hotel a second night before we start camping out on the aerobed at the house tomorrow.  At least the edema has gone down and I almost have ankles again.  Right now they’re mini cankles

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