For Laura, in remembrance of Paul Trammell 7/10/76 – 8/9/11

Paul & Laura Trammell
On Wednesday as the movers were unloading our belongings and Jerry & I were starting a new chapter in our lives, a dear friend from childhood was closing a chapter of hers with the loss of her only brother this after a brief illness. 

Our lives took seperate paths and communication has been intermitent through the years as we fell in and out of touch. After 20+ years I may have stopped knowing her… but I still love her very much because of who she was to me then.  My thoughts are with her as she deals with this loss, cares for her nieces and takes on sole responsibility for caring for her seriously ill parents.

I hope during the struggles ahead she allows herself to enjoy life to the fullest and to remember
people are out there for her and to not allow the trials ahead keep her from having the wedding of her dreams.

My memories of Paul Trammell, 35, all involve him being a typical younger brother to his big sister and her friends when we were hanging out at her house by being a pest.  However, his curly blonde locks, sly smile and twinkle in his eye always made it hard not to like him or stay annoyed with him for too long.

Being only a couple years younger than we were, there were also times that we hung out together.  The time I remember most is when Paul and his friends built a huge half pipe in her parents backyard and we would sit outside watching them try and master their tricks without busting their ass.

4 thoughts on “For Laura, in remembrance of Paul Trammell 7/10/76 – 8/9/11”

  1. Thank you for doing this, it's beautiful of you. I always remember Pauly the same way. That little blonde haired pain in the butt little brother of Laura's. Man did he like trouble…love you always, Pauly!


  2. That took my breath away Krystyna. I'm just now coming around and going through things that have been posted. Even though I'm still in disbelief hearing and knowing how he'll be missed and also remembered is truly a comfort. Thank you dearly for your words. I love and miss you.


  3. This is amazing. I loved my dad VERY much and this is proof that he was loved by many. There is some of him in all of his friends and family. He was goofy and fun but he was also caring and kind. He is a huge inspiration to me. Thank you


  4. I'm glad you read this Lauryn. It is always helpful to know your loved ones were loved by others and that they will be remembered long after they're gone. I wish the best for all of you


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