Our first month in Richmond, the other River City

Downtown, seen from across James river

Here’s a little recap:

  • One blown tire
  • Two tow trucks
  • One rental car
  • Locked out of house
  • VA’s mutant fleas
  • One Earthquake
  • Seven aftershocks
  • One Hurricane named Irene
  • Twenty-eight hours without power
  • And a partridge in a pair tree!
All in all we were very fortunate.  Our power was among the first to be restored out of the 1.2 million Virginians that lost it.  I think the reason we were restored so fast is that we are on the same grid as the Fire Station on the the next block and emergency responders had first priority.  Our poor neighbors in back still don’t have power 5 days later.
We only have AC in the bedrooms but the temperatures have started to decline so the living areas feel fine with just a fan.  The house came with 2 extra AC units in the game room in case we wanted to use them.  I think I will have Jerry put one up in the living room next spring before the summer comes.  
We did buy a de-humidifier and it is awesome.  We should have though of it before.  It makes it a lot more comfortable.  I’ve even started putting the AC down to only 68 in the bedroom instead of my usually 60-65 and I’m sleeping very well  Taking the humidity out of the air makes the AC run less.
Ironically enough, Richmond, just like San Antonio, is also called “The River City”.  The difference is here the river can be tubed or kayaked down, fished in, played on and is not just good for throwing restaurant furniture in when you’re drunk!
So far we’re pretty happy.  Jerry has just finished up his resume and he is going a little nuts.  This is the first time in 14 years he has not gotten up to go to work for the BCJJ Center.  I’ve met with three recruiters and it looks promising.

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