Rigatoni in Mushroom Alfredo Sauce

Some of you asked for this recipe after seeing it on Facebook, so I’m going to give it to you, but remember, I am a lazy cook!

1 box Rigatoni

1 Jar Bertoli Mushroom Alfredo

3 cups broccoli (fresh or frozen)

2-3 sliced chicken breasts

1 Pack(8 oz) Fresh Mushrooms

Cook Chicken in skillet with Basil and Grape seed oil (or Olive Oil)

Drain juices

Add Mushrooms to skillet, add another splash of basil and oil

Add Broccoli and Bertoli Sauce (I alternate pouring the sauce in the pasta and just spooning chicken mix over over pasta).

Simmer while stirring frequently.  Broccoli should be warm, but stay crunchy

Serve Rigatonio and spoon desired amount of sauce mixture over pasta.

*By bulking up this dish you get less calories per serving from the cream sauce and more nutrition from the broccoli, mushrooms and chicken.  It also doubles the amount of servings you would get from the rigatoni and sauce alone.

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