Harrison Thanksgiving plans

6 people, one bathroom? hmmm, besides that I’m getting really excited about Thanksgiving and hoping our plans workout.  It will be hard for us to go anywhere having just started new jobs (hopefully) so, I’m really looking forward to some of my cousins coming down from New England.   I had a great time with them last December so it should be a wicked time.

I haven’t had a Thanksgiving with another Harrison since I was in grade school! (except Ken of course, but I’ve barely seen him since 1996, last Thanksgiving with him was probably 1992 or 1993)

It would be awesome if our first Thanksgiving in our new home was filled will family and fun.

We used to always have Thanksgiving at our house, but not since 2003 because when Jerry’s Grandma passed on in 2004 the family fell apart.

Of course anyone and everyone is always welcome in our home.

I’m going to miss the annual “Orphan’s Thanksgiving” Jerry & I normally go to at our friends house.  They bring home 4 Army or Air Force trainees for the day and everyone that doesn’t really have family in the area all converge on Kris and Sally’s and it is a fun day.

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