A puppy’s unbelievable encounter – painful photo

I have got to stop reading these types of stories.

When I see stuff like this it has such an emotional impact on me that Jerry doesn’t like me to read these kind of stories and would rather I not be subscribed to a lot of the rescue groups, shelters and other animal sites.

The more attached I get to my dogs, the more depressed I get when I read stuff like this.  It actually does tear my heart up.

Not to mention they piss me off to high hell!  How in the hell could someone want to have their dog “destroyed” because he got stuck by a porcupine!  The owners should be charged with animal abuse for leaving their dog like that and not seeking vet care.

Here is the story:

Montana – Dogs encounter many things.

The curiosity of a puppy can lead to danger.
One puppy in Montana nearly died after her own curiosity got the better of her.
This particular pup got too close to a porcupine – the encounter left her with an unbelievable amount of quills in her face, neck and chest.
Her owners did not offer their suffering dog assistance – instead, they took her to the local animal shelter to bedestroyed.
Thankfully animal control took the time to notify a rescue organization – and thankfully that organization was willing and able to step in to save this pup’s life.
When members of RezQ Dogs first saw the puppy – they were shocked and horrified.
Never had they seen so many quills in one dog.
Though the rescue was already buried in veterinary bills from other dogs and over-crowded from too many strays and surrenders, they were unable to turn this pup away.
The dog, now known as Ginger, told the rescuer she wanted to live.
With the one eye that was not filled with quills, she met his eyes, and then she wagged her little tail.
In her own way – she told this man that she did not want to die.
A puppy should not have to die after a run-in with a porcupine – but had this rescue not agreed to help – she would have.
In a heartbreaking recount of the puppy’s first hours with her rescuers, Anita Wilke, co-founder of ReqQ Dogs, shared the following:
  my husband and I spent a couple of hours pulling the quills out of her. She must have had them in for a few days as most wounds were already infected and she was very dehydrated and malnourished. As we worked on her, she didn’t fight, she fell asleep… It nearly broke my heart. I honestly think, she gave up and was ready to die.

As of last Saturday, all of the quills were removed – Ginger is recovering and her happy go-lucky personality is emerging.

Though the quills are gone, the veterinary bills remain. This rescue has helped three other puppies who had similar encounters with porcupines – encounters which have left huge emergency veterinary expenses.
A mere $265 dollars has been raised for a bill that tops $1200. 
If you are able, please visit the Chip-In fund which was created to help defray the costs for helping these puppies. 
Every dollar helps – and it may be the difference between this organization’s ability to help the next “in need” dog that comes along.
You can follow RezQ Dogs on Facebook. If you visit, please let them know that their life-saving efforts are appreciated. 

A puppy’s unbelievable encounter – painful photo – National Dogs | Examiner.com:

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