Wicker Dog (or other pet) Bicycle Basket

Took Romeo for our first Mommy/Doggy bike ride today.
He didn’t like the basket until we started moving, the he just kicked back and let the “breeze” go through his hair. Maybe when mommy gets in a little better shape, we’ll be able to work up to the “wind” in his hair!

My basket came with the main attachment strap that goes in the bottom of the basket in addition to 2 smaller adjustable straps that attach to rings at the top on either side.  I suppose they could be used for an additional dog (if very light dogs) or for keys or maybe just to add a little more security to your pup.  

I chose to leave to top down for now until Romeo and I both get used to it.

 I did not get a picture of us on the road today, but I am using the basket with a 7lb. Pomeranian and have it attached to a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser (mint green/light tan).  Both are pictured. 

Overall the basket felt very sturdy (not the one pictured on the bike, we returned that one) and Romeo was very happy perched in the middle looking at the big world ahead even if mommy wasn’t that steady.  It was a bit of a shaky ride for us, but that was due to my tremors and the basket actually seemed less shaky than I felt.  I also liked that the basket came with a one year warranty. 

Jerry is going to make some adjustments to the seat tomorrow so hopefully our next ride will be much smoother.
Assembly was fairly simple once you figured out what direction everything needed to go in on the bike.  Instructions are non existent (not even a one sheet picture) so you may want to check out the website for the instructions.  Instructions for Tagalong Wicker Basket by SolvIt

We purchased from amazon for $59.99 and the Sunshade Cover was included, however I saw this on other sites for a comparable price that did not include the cover so be sure and check.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a little more security for your pup or want to bring another pet with you (such as a cat, rabbit, teacup pig, etc…) you can also get a wire basket top for this basket that gives you a little more security that the open sided top.  Amazon carries the optional top for under $20. 

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