Forest Hills Park Lake, Richmond, VA – September 2011

Pictures of the 105 acre  park by our house.  We take the dogs for walks around the lake on the paved trails and when we don’t have the dogs with us we go hiking on the unpaved walking and mountain bike trails.

What makes this park so awesome is that it’s just across the James River from downtown Richmond and a quarter mile from our house  Eventually we want to bike this park, but we need to work up to that so for now we bike around out neighborhood and Carter Jones Park which is on the next block from our house.

I can’t wait for the foliage to start changing in October to get some really awesome pictures!

Click “Read More” to see some beautiful pictures of the park.

Click on slide show to see all photos

4 thoughts on “Forest Hills Park Lake, Richmond, VA – September 2011”

  1. These photos remind me that we live in absolutely beautiful and breathtaking world. Great job!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Best regards!


  2. As a nature lover and freelance photographer I can just applaud your works. You did really well. The photos are so lively and fresh. A ray of light in gloomy weekdays:-)


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