The First unOfficial Michelle Drake Browning, MMA Referee, Fan Club!!

First Female MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Referee in Texas!!

I have known Michelle Drake Browning since 7th grade.  She is wonderful, vibrant person with a sarcastic sense of humor (which is why I love her).  Attached is her first Radio Interview as well as the shows first ever interview with a MMA referee.

We are all very proud of everything she has accomplished.  I can’t wait for the day I can say “I knew her when…”.  She is getting closer.  Last week she was recognized on the street for the first time and was asked to pose for a picture, so she is already getting rolling!

Read her first interview from 7/11/11 and listen to her first radio interview from 10/12/11 after the jump (click Read More)

Print Interview:  Texas MMA Website

Here is her radio interview:

In what has been a growing trend, more and more women are starting to becomes referees in MMA. Being the first female referee in Texas, Michelle Browning will join us to talk about becoming a licensed offical, and what it”s like being in the middle of the action.”

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13 thoughts on “The First unOfficial Michelle Drake Browning, MMA Referee, Fan Club!!”

  1. What a joke this is!!! She gets much press due to her being a female. Ref. I will no sit by quietly anymore. She sucks as a referee. Ask her about Odessa. I am a ref and the first time I ever met her she provided me my resume of fights and said it was her. Maybe she should be judged on a body of work and not the fact that she is a female.


  2. I'll address your rather un-inteligent, and poorly written rant point by point then add a few points of my own.
    1. Of course I get press for being a female ref. There are only 3 of us in the world at the professional level. Why does my press bother you so much?
    2. I suck as a referee? Ok. State your case, wise one. What about my work qualifies as “sucking?” Then, state your creditials and training.
    3. What about Odessa? All that happened had zero to do with me.
    4. You're a ref? In Texas? Ok. We've met? I told you about your resume and passed it off as mine? What fights did I claim as mine?
    5. I am judged by my work hence the press and experience I'm getting outside of Texas and even the US. I've worked all across the country and even overseas. Furthermore, no where in my “press” does it say I'm a good referee because I'm female. Only that I am a female in a male-dominate sport and since I'm a novality press outlets want to know my story.

    Now, my two cents: You say you're a referee and you go on a public forum, MY FAN PAGE NO LESS, and blast me. As a referee (and maybe martial artist) you have no class, no dignity, no respect, no honor. If you were a fan I'd blow your words off and not give them a second thought. But you claim to be a fellow ref so of course that rubs me the wrong way. You have the gall to write these words but lack balls to make your name public. I'd love for you to announce yourself. If you can't bring yourself to do that I invite you to email me and we'll continue this discussion in private. Don't be scared,homie.


  3. Ive had the pleasure of watching Michelle referee in the UK and she is one of the best ive seen.the comment above sounds full of bitterness and jealousy.such a shame you have let yourself down anonymous.


  4. Haters gonna hate. Better watch yourself or you'll get your ass handed to you by a girl, anonymous. So proud of you, my friend.–Roxie


  5. I must interject and say that if you are a referee, you have displayed very poor judgement in choosing a public forum to express your dissatisfaction with one of your peers. Professionalism should be maintained at all times. If you have a problem, you will best serve the sport/profession by directing your comments, privately, to the individual. The fact that she is a female is actually second to her being a referee. There are only three women professional level referees and yes, they are singled out and recognized, much to your dislike. I do not know who you are, what your credentials are, where you were trained, and what continuous training you receive. What I do know is that actions outside the cage are just as important as they are in the cage. We are judged by the way we conduct ourselves personally and professionally. It would behoove you to remember this the next time you feel the need to castigate a fellow referee in a public forum.


  6. Define “suck” Mr. Anonymous. That is such an uneducated, unimaginative, not to mention HIGHLY unprofessional adjective to use to describe someone.

    Michelle does what she does because she is passionate about it. Not only have I watched her ref, I have personally spoken to her about her position as a referee and heard not only the passion in her voice but her own VERY high expectations of herself when she is in there. She takes on a lot of responsibility for the fighters she watches over and takes the time to self-reflect after each bout on how she might have improved. As a fighter, I HOPE for a referee like that every time I fight. I want someone passionate, confident, and professional watching over me. I fear the time an insecure, unprofessional person who clearly doesn't have control over their brain when emotions come into play, steps in to do that job.

    Your complaints about the publicity she gets sounds like a cry of jealousy. Jealousy is the fear of being replaced, and I often find that is the only reason men complain about women stepping into a male dominated area. It's not the 1920's anymore. You have had PLENTY of time to get accustomed to the fact that women are just as capable at many things as men are. You want publicity? Why don't you step up and pursue something that makes you unique? You have just as much of an ability to pursue high goals as anyone else in this world. Don't attack Michelle in your jealousy for striving past what the average person would attempt.


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