The Cutest Hand Bag Animals!!

Mazen Saggar / Louis Vuitton

My personal favorites are the dogs and the armadillo.  Click the link at the bottom for the original article 
Very creative use of the different patterns and colors!
Louis Vuitton just went wild.
The luxury brand’s logo-boasting handbags were recently fashioned into 29 creative critters, thanks to Deyrolle, the Paris taxidermy store with ties to high-end designers. To mark the brand’s centennial, artist Billie Achilleos used Vuitton’s pricey coin purses, key fobs and clutches to design the adorable sculptures, including a beaver, a cat, and yes, an iguana.
“Have you ever seen anything so cute, outside of little doll-sized teacups and six-week-old puppies?” wrote writer Susan Cernek of the leather-bound creatures. No, we haven’t! And yes, we want!

The collection is set to go on tour later this year. Dates/cities have not yet been released, but should it come to your area, we highly suggest a visit. It’s likely the only taxidermy exhibit that won’t offend your friends and loved ones. [via WWD]

Louis Vuitton
Oh, deer!
Mazen Saggar / Louis Vuitton
Here, kitty!

Louis Vuitton
This armadillo might cost an arm and a leg.

Louis Vuitton
This beaver looks eager.

Louis Vuitton
Cute as a bug.

Louis Vuitton
Now that’s cricket!

The Look – Handbag taxidermy? Louis Vuitton gets animal makeover‘via Blog this’

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