My Plaid Red Riding Hood Cape

I have been wanting a cape for years!  But my practical side has always won out.  After all, when does one have an opportunity to wear a cape in San Antonio, TX?

However, now that I am living in Virginia, I could actually use a cape in lieu of a winter coat, because let’s face it, I seldom find it cold enough for a jacket anyway.  Now the cape I fell in love with years ago is here:  Emerald & Purple Reversible Cape.  I realize this may not be the most practical, so I will most likely look for a shorter cape, something that falls to the knee (but I really want this one).

This catalog is awesome! You should take a minute to look through it.

 I’m allergic to wool, so a wool cape/shawl is out.  I just need something to offer a little protection from the wind.  I really don’t like wearing coats very much, I find them very restrictive.  I’m much happier in just a light weight comfy sweater so a lightweight cape would be the perfect compliment.

So yesterday, the cape vendor only had a plain old black cape left, so no cape.  We did however see a vendor we’ve purchased from in San Antonio at the Richmond Highland Games and he had fleece capes.

While still not practical for regular wear, I did buy one!  Kind of my own version of Red Riding Hood, but in plaid!  It is super soft, cozy warm and weather repellent.  Perfect for days curled up on the couch or cold rainy days at the farmers market or just a trip on a cold day.

One day I will get my everyday cape…

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