Looks like they’re wrapping up…

Well on the drive into work today, as usual I pass the capitol building and lawns on my right, but this morning was a little different.  On my left instead of the usual Kraft Services Trucks, security guards and costumed extras, it looks like they’re wrapping it up at this location.
It’s a little sad.  It was always an interesting ride into work having to stop so men in colonial clothing and ladies in large hoop skirts could cross the street, it really added to the flavor of downtown Richmond, especially for a newcomer like me.
I never did manage to get a peek at Sally Field, Steven Speilberg or anyone else I recognized, but watching Sandra Bullock film the talent competition in front of the Alamo for Miss Congeniality wasn’t all that impressive anyway and she’s one of my favs.
I just don’t think I have the patience for the entertainment industry.  Too much waiting around doing nothing.  I like to be busy all the time and go, go, go!

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