Me & My Fat Ass!!!

I am so frustrated!

The main reason Jerry and I wanted to move was so we could change our lifestyle without me passing out from heat stroke.  Since we moved, we have spent more time outside walking/hiking around than we have since our honeymoon in 1999!  We have eaten more salad (with lite/fat free dressing) in 3 months than we have in the last 3 years.  We hardly eat out, if we do it’s only once a week.  Our one indulgence lately is when we go to the farmers market on Saturday to get our produce for the week we grab something different to eat every week and share it.

Now given, the first 2 months here we weren’t out and about much and with the move we were eating out while driving here and the first week until our stuff got here, so we were already off to an “inflated” start but damn!!  I am at my highest weight EVER right now!

I mean really!  What the hell?!

I don’t know if it is my bodies reaction to the hysterectomy this summer, some weird hormone thing, the anti-convulsants I take for the tremors, but I am going to have to assume it is a combination of all the above.

Regardless, it’s time to kick it up 5 notches!!  Since it is too dark by 5:00 to go to the lake, the alarm is going off at 6:15 so we can be dressed and at the lake by 6:30, do some laps, be home by 7:30 so I can get ready for work and be there by 8:30!

This is where my new low maintenance haircut, having makeup tattooed on and the office only 3 miles away comes in handy!

I’m also going to take a few breaks during the day and go to the first floor and back up to the top in the stairwells at work!

I am actually embarrassed to have my cousins coming next week and seeing my fat ass like this!!

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