Why do I keep falling???

It’s been a wonderful four months in Richmond so far!  Even though Steven Spielberg keeps making me change my commute to work, it still hasn’t taken more than 15 minutes on my longest drive.  I like the short commute and Jerry likes it when I don’t have to drive very far.

Jerry has taken to teasing me about all my trips and falls.  I go upstairs and on my way down he’ll say “See you on the next trip!”, or “How about next fall”.  He’s such a comedian!  Even though he teases, I know he worries quite a bit.

Over the past few months my “clumsiness” has gotten worse.  I trip on everything it seems, from my own feet to the air!  I can barely get out of bed in the morning without getting a toe stuck in a sheet and falling out of bed.  So far no serious injury has occurred, but it’s a miracle.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was the worst one yet!

I started to fall and for some reason, instead of reaching out to brace myself, I curled into a fetal position and landed square on my shoulder with my head bouncing off the hardwood floors.  I’ve never had the wind knocked out of me so bad in my life!  My fist slammed into my rib cage and it took a few minutes before I could even get off the floor I was so winded.

Jerry & I were both concerned because of the sound my head made bouncing off the floor.  Luckily everything turned out fine, obviously.  Checked my pupils periodically through the day and they stayed equal and reactive so I was just stuck with a headache and sore side and shoulder for the next couple days.  Luckily I don’t bruise as easily as I used to, otherwise I’d be black and blue all the time.

I’ve only been at UNOS for 6 weeks on this contract and I’ve already fallen on the stairs into the building twice.  Oh well, we bought some slippers with grippy dots on the bottom for home to hopefully help me with traction and when I use the stairs at work I go extra slow and make sure my feet clear the steps.  In the meantime, Jerry won’t let me walk with scissors 🙂

It’s been a fun month meeting Dr’s.  I saw an optometrist a couple of weeks ago and have been instructed to forego my contacts for a while until the nausea and dizziness has subsided.  My new Dr I saw this morning says I’m generally in good health, but there isn’t really anything we can do about the tingling fingers or the tripping and falling other than to be extra cautious.

I am hoping to extend my contract at UNOS past my end date of the 16th because I really enjoy it there, but at this rate, I could use a week off before I end up with 10 broken toes and a concussion!

One more new Doctor next week then hopefully nothing until next year!!

I wish I looked like this when I fell down the stairs!  I’d fall more often!

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