Not in the Mood for a Brain Scan

Well over the last 2 weeks I’ve met with 2 of my new doctors in RVA.  I still have one more to go.

I was holding off on finding a Hematologist, for a while, but one of my Dr’s thinks some of my meds could be causing some of my symptoms and the other thinks that it could be a growth/tumor causing some symtpoms and wants to rule it out.  So I guess I will find a Hematologist to schedule a PET Scan.  I haven’t had one since early 2010, I’m overdue as it is.

So this week I have to find a Hematologist to schedule the scan and establish follow up care from my bout with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Other than that everything looked good.  What struck me as almost humorous was my cholesterol level.  We eat salads almost everyday that have 3 cups of spinach and dark leaf lettuce, low fat or no fate dressing with no more than 100 calories per serving, no fried foods, fast food or takeout.  We have been out walking and hiking more than we ever have before.  So now I have to take Zocor to lower my cholesterol.  Just found that ironinc.

We eat about $40-50 dollars worth of fresh produce a week and nothing gets thrown away.  Of course that total will most likely be $10-20 less in the winter, because we aren’t getting our produce from local farms as we have been doing.  Buying at the local farmers market can be a touch higher in price, but it supports sustainability, local commerce and in most cases, what we are buying has been harvested in the previous 24 hours!  The ginger is usually picked just that morning!

We have discovered a rare type of apple called “Albermarle Pippins” that a local orchard grows that are absolutely delicious.  I don’t recall having ever seen them before.  If I could just get some concord grapes, I’d be in heaven!

Well made a few adjustments in my meds and added some new ones.  Hopefully that will be it for a while!  I’ve actually been fortunate in that my meds have not required much adjusting in the past year.  Hopefully this new cocktail will deliver a little more punch than the current cocktail I’ve been taking, which has been good, but has a few side effects I could live without.

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