The original ‘Slap Chop"

It is cheaper to buy Almonds for our salads whole rather than sliced or chopped as we had been doing.  I picked up a bag of whole almonds and trying crushing them in a paper bag but that didn’t work very well.  Then I remembered, I had my grandparents chopper.
It is very basic and who knows how old.  It is simply a mason jar with raised markings indicating how much is in the jar, an aluminum screw on cap, steel blades attached to a spring topped off with a wooden knob.

This little thing works so well, I had 3 cups of almonds and walnuts chopped and ready to go in 5 minutes with no pain from slapping the top!  And because the bladed rotate bot clock and counter clockwise, no nut was spared.
We don’t always need technology.  This little device actually chopped the nuts better than modern processors.  Not too fine, no big chunks!

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