eBook: Deed to Death : D.B. Henson

What I’m reading now:  Amazon.com: Deed to Death eBook: D.B. Henson: Kindle Store

ALL—a successful career as one of the top real estate agents in Nashville,
great friends, and the partner and family she’d always longed for in her
fiancé, architect Scott Chadwick.
But just days before their planned nuptials, Scott plummets
to his death at one of his construction sites and Toni is forced to bury her
fiancé on their wedding day. 
Now living all alone in their new, custom-made dream house,
dealing with her loss becomes even harder when the police rule his death a
suicide. Yet Toni refuses to believe that it could be anything other than a
tragic accident.

When she learns that Scott’s estranged brother, Brian, is
contesting the will, threatening to take away her home, Toni starts to suspect
that it may not have been a mere accident but something more sinister. Without
the cooperation of the police, and in spite of her friends’ growing concern
that she’s in denial and not dealing with her grief, Toni begins investigating
on her own. 
As she crisscrosses Nashville on a mission to prove to
herself and the world that Scott wouldn’t try to escape this life, Toni can’t
shake the sinking feeling that something is off, that she’s being followed—and
that her search for truth may have deadly consequences.
A riveting novel of suspense, Deed to Death marks
the launch of an exciting new talent. 

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