Jerry’s Juicer is all ready to go!

Waiting for my BFF (also known as hubby) to get home from work, so I decided to go ahead and set up his Xmas present and have it all ready to go for him when he comes home!

Yes he already got the HP Touchpad, but I scored that for only $99 at HP’s Sunday night fire sale on eBay.  He has been talking about doing a juice fast for months so I decided to get him a juicer so come New Year’s Day, he’ll be all set to start.  

We are on a tight budget right now so we couldn’t go all out on a big fancy one, but I did want one that would not require everything to be chopped up before juicing.  We chose the Big Boss Juicer because it had a large bin for collecting pulp and the chute was large enough to handle medium size fruits and veggies without having to do a lot of extra “chop” work and it has good reviews on Amazon.
Haven’t used it yet, but will update after we use it for a while…
In the meantime, I am running out of room for my appliances.  When our kitchen was remodeled, whoever did it, seems to have given up part way through and just finished one side of the kitchen so we have way too little storage space!  I love our little 1940’s bungalow and unless the owner comes back to the US before next May, we plan on staying here for another year, but I miss having storage space!!

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