Funky Violet Computer Glasses *Updated*

So I got these Lucky Brand glasses free from Coastal Contacts.

I got them with no RX lenses and anti-glare film so I could wear them with my contacts when I was on the computer to help reduce eyestrain and the nausea I was experiencing..  The frames were free and the Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, UV Protection with S&H all came to $27!  Not too shabby!  It’s hard to find good quality computer/reading glasses for that price with the glare/UV coating.

They are brown on the outside and violet on the inside  Lucky Brand Joni Tan & Violet Frames.  They are a little bolder than my usual style because I was feeling like being frisky and violet is supposed to really make green eyes POP!

If you’d like to order a pair of free glasses, click on this link and use the coupon code FirstPairFree at checkout:  FREE PAIR OF GLASSES.

Using this link also gives me a $20 credit toward a pair of glasses.  My eyes are so bad (-6.00) that just my lenses here are $100 because it is too strong for the 1.5 index free lenses, I have to get the 1.6 index lenses.

The first pair I got were too narrow and returning them was as simple as printing the label they emailed me and dropping in the mailbox.  I do recommend looking at the sizes on your current glasses (I learned about this after I ordered the first pair) to make picking out lenses easier.  Once I did that and “Shopped by Size” it was much easier.

There is a second coupon code for 40% off but it expires on the 14th I think, it is 40PCYBER.

The company also donates one pair of glasses to charity for every pair it sells, so your purchase is helping someone in need as well as keeping you looking fabulous on a budget!

**12/27 – UPDATE – I received my new Jones of NY prescription glasses last week!  They are awesome.  Shopping by size really worked out.  Total cost was $127 with my 40% off coupon and I chose inexpensive frames.  I’m hoping to order another pair soon since it appears that until all the medical issues are resolved, I won’t be able to wear my contacts anymore.

I miss my contacts!!

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