Changed Juicers…

Since aren’t using a juicer this cycle of the juice fast just to compare the differences between a fast with a juicer and one without, it seemed a good time to change juicers.

We initially bought the Big Boss Juicer.  The juicer worked fairly well, but what I didn’t like about it was that the way the spout was designed, when the juice fell into the glass it would splatter sometimes.  That was a minor thing, but what caused even more mess was when juicing harder veggies like carrots, the machine would often shake.  When the juicer shook the seams around the blade came loose and pulp and juice would splatter through them getting tiny bits of pulp and juice all over the counter and anything withing shooting range.  The juice also came out very foamy.

Hamilton Beach Juicer

We returned the big bass and ordered the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor.

So far it is performing much better than the Big Boss and was actually less expensive.  We have not really put it to the same degree of tests that the 1st juicer went through.  I did juice the package of carrots we had left in the fridge and the machine remained quiet, produced more juice, dryer pulp and no splatters in comparison.

When we start our 3rd cycle in a couple weeks and get back to juicing more than we are right now, I will update if there are any problems with the new juicer.

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