Quick update on juicing (without a juicer)…

So far in January:

Jerry has averaged a loss of .8 pounds per day
I have averaged .4 pounds a day

If we added exercise I imagine those numbers would double.

Jerry does not log everything he consumes, but I do.  So my daily consumption is approx 1000-1200 calories.

I make sure my highest calories blended drink is breakfast and that it is at least 300 calories and I sip it for 1-2 hours (24 ounce cup with wide straw).  Then I break out my lunch juice.

My lunch “green” juice is 2 cups baby spinach, 1 peeled cucumber, 2 tbsp flax and 5 ounces coconut water.  This is my base juice and is fine by itself, but I like to add other things to it, so I will add an apple, some melon or kiwi to mix it up.  I sip on this juice for 1-2 hours also (24 ounce cup with wide straw).

For the rest of the afternoon I sip on Low Sodium V8 juice.  Regular V8 is WAY too high in sodium.  You could also drink V8 Fusion, but NOT V8 Splash.  V8 Splash is a fruit “drink”, not juice.

The only other numbers that matter are my Protein and my Sodium levels.  I aim for 60-90 grams of Protein per day and at least 1500 grams of Sodium but not more than 2000.

Most likely my diet is higher in sodium than most people would require and it is healthier to have a low sodium diet.  I add a 1/8 tsp (or pinch) of Sea Salt to all my smoothies (drinks) because I take an anti-convulsant that can lower my sodium levels to a dangerous level as a side effect, so I have to compensate for that.

The equation I use is 1200 calories; 45% from Carbs; 30% Protein; 25% Fat.

In addition to the smoothies, between hot herbal tea and Diet Sodastream mixes, I consume about 60-80 ounces of liquid a day.  After the first week, your body adjusts and you won’t have to pee every 10 minutes.

Overall, I am feeling very good!!  It’s been much easier going to sleep and getting up, I’ve been perkier and while my skin is usually soft, there has been a noticeable difference in softness after a quick break out of acne which I assume was just caused by flushing out toxins.

I keep babbling about our experience juicing, I hope our experience has helped someone.  Drop me a message and let me know if this is helping you or if you have questions abour our experience.

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