Frozen Fruit Treats with Protein and Omega 3’s

This is a little treat I’ve been whipping up as a desert while we are juicing and I like it so much I’m even whipping it up on non-juicing days if I’m in the mood for a sweet treat.

I have a small 32 ounce blender and this will usually blend to exactly that amount for my hubby and I to share.

Strawberry Banana

Red Grape, Pineapple, Mango, Peach in a Scotch Glass

My basic recipe:

You need a blender that will blend ice

Prep time under 10 minutes

4 cups frozen fruit (loosely packed)

1 cup low fat kefir (adds protein.  I like flavored kefir)

5 oz Coconut Water to help things move around in the blender

1 sliced banana frozen preferred – adds a creamier texture

2 Tbsp Flax Seed – very fine, adds fiber, has Omega 3’s, helps stabilize blood sugar and reduce cholesterol

Serve straight from the blender

Yields approx 2 servings at 300 calories each

Vary ingredients to taste.  I am going to be trying a Cucumber/Strawberry treat next

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