Tiny Bathroom Storage Solution

My Husband and I went from a large 1970’s Ranch house with 2 full baths that had plenty of storage to a 1940’s Bungalow with one bathroom that has virtually no storage.
After a few months I thought maybe a hanging shoe organizer would do the trick, except in true mid-century style, the bathroom door is significantly more narrow that the bedroom doors.  The shoe organizer was just too wide at 28 inches.

After some browsing on Amazon, I found this organizer which was only 21 inches.  It fits the door perfectly!
It’s cloth mesh so there won’t be any condensation or mildew formation.  The pockets are pretty roomy and there is a a second smaller pocket (the brown stripe) in front of the larger pockets (the cream pocket).  The pockets fit a large Clorox Wipes container perfectly. 
This solved our storage problem while keeping everything we use within easy reach. 

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