Do I really hate talking on the phone, or is it just you?

For those of you that may have thought I just don’t like talking to you on the phone and not talking on the phone in general, I offer proof!

Here is a screenshot of this past months phone bill, and it was a slightly higher than average month for me:

I also don’t email a whole lot.  So how do I communicate you wonder?  Mainly via FB or my favorite Google Talk!!

Jerry and I use Google Talk because you can have a real time conversation like regular IM, but you can also just type in a message and you can respond whenever you have time.  It keeps us from bugging one another while we’re at work.  There’s nothing worse than calling someone when they are in an important meeting.

We just leave it on in the taskbar and it lets me know when I have a message.  I love it because it keeps me in contact with my sister in law and allows us to “chatter” away at our individual pace without feeling the pressure like a voice conversation.  No awkward silences!

You can download google talk here: (I don’t use the video chat, mainly because I’m usuallr running around the house in various states of undress).

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