The New Office Puppy Is Cute Enough to Eat!

The New Office Puppy Is Cute Enough to Eat! But We Can’t Do That, So… | Dogster

The New Office Puppy Is Cute Enough to Eat! But We Can’t Do That, So…

Every other Friday, Dogster’s social media gal, Anna Zeman, rounds up the best of the dogcentric Web outside the awesomeness found right here on Dogster.
This is the new office puppy. As you can see, she is !~@#$%^&*(*&^%. Yeah, those are the feelings I get when I look at her.
I also get a total uncontrollable desire to put her in my mouth. To protect her? To eat her? Im not really sure, but when I see her, I get so overwhelmed with how freaking cute she is that I want to fit her whole tiny little puppy body in my mouth.
Its weird, and I know that its totally inappropriate to want to eat my co-worker’s dog, so instead Ive rounded up a bunch of really cute things that I can eat without getting fired and/or getting arrested.
OMD, these are the cutest furkin chocolates Ive ever seen. The Poodle? I die.
I need to have a box of these at all times on my desk. Assistant! Fetch me these NOW. (Just kidding. I dont have an assistant, but if I did, I would require fresh-cut flowers and dog-shaped chocolates on my desk daily.)
I dont eat meat, but if I did, I would be making this.
I think you should make one right now if you have the time.
I looooove cute bento because it combines my two of my passions: food and cuteness.
I really need to start crafting adorable little animal-themed lunches for myself. Seriously, what could possibly make you happier than having this packed in your lunch box?
Each of these breed-themed cakes is a work of art. I dont think I could cut into one of these, never mind eat one.
The time and skill it must take to make them is unreal. SRSLY, theyll blow your mind.
Unlike the previous cakes, which are incredible but outrageously complicated, I think I could make this one.
Obviously that is because I am completely delusional and narcissistic so I always overestimate my skill levels (insert memory of me crying over my BFs second birthday cake that fell circa 2008). But whatever! Im going to spend $80 on fondant and drive myself crazy this weekend.
There is something about Pomeranians that turns their owners into breed fanatics. Perhaps its their glorious floof, their tiny little dragon faces, their incredible personality, their OMG I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
Annnnyway, If you are a Pom fanatic, and youve been lucky enough to find a partner who is also crazy about Pomeranians or just one who accepts how craycray you are, this could be the topper on your wedding cake! Or if youre supercrazy, you could have this for your Poms very own wedding!
Anna Zeman is a Social Media Monkey Scientist Strategist at SAY Media (Dogster and Catster’s pawrent company). She is pro-smooshed-faces, pro-kawaii, and anti-animal testing.
P.S.  In case you missed them, check out Anna’s firstsecond, and third columns. — Your Friendly Neighborhood Dogster Editors

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