Skin Care in Your 30’s

In 30s our skin starts to produce less collagene which causes formation of mimic wrinkles. Those are deeper than just dry lines and are harder to get rid of. Besides cells’ turnover in the skin slows down. This results in a dull tired complexion. Some other factors contribute to all of the symptoms mentioned above include stress, free radicals, bad diet, not enough excercise or sleep etc.

Look for anti-aging skincare products that will provide the following

– moisturize and prevent dehydration
– improve radiance
– help cells turnover
– protect agains free radicals
– protect agains UV light

The following ingredients will deliver the effects mentioned above:

Hyaluronic Acid is considered nowadays a wonder moisturizer. It deeply hydrates the skin, plupmps it up, softens any existing lines.

Vitamin C – has amazing antioxidant properties it also helps cells’ turnover and has light bleaching properties – so your skin looks more even, refreshed and energized. It is also believed to help reverse sun damage.
Glucosamine – is an amino sugar that is necessary for synthesis of lipids and proteins. It speeds up cell turnover and gives you smoother complexion and a radiant glow
Vitamins C and E – protect again free radicals. Vitamin E helps the skin to balance its hydration and improves skin’s elasticity

For other age groups visit Anti-Aging Skin Care

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