The Sex Life of a Zucchini

A friend of mine asked me how to tell the difference between a male and a female zucchini flower.  Now my friend is a beer guzzlin, gun totin, redneck; so I’m adding some pictures to help her out!  (Muah!  You know I love you P!)

So if you are interested in learning the differences between a male and female zucchini flowers, click below to see more.

Here is a male flower.
The stem is slender and long extending 4-6 inches from the base of the plant.
Near the base to the right of center is a new sprouting female.
Here is a female flower closed for the afternoon,
but in the morning she  will be “opening it’s legs” to be pollinated.
Here is a female not quite ready to bloom yet.
The stem is also the ovary and it extends about 2 inches from the base of the plant
 and is approx a s thick  as a child’s finger.

Hope that helps anyone out there who, like me, is learning about Urban Vegetable Gardening for the first time.

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