Relationship Reality: Are Your Relationships Based In Reality or Fantasy?

I am fortunate to have had amazing husband, but I have many friends that seem to keep repeating mistakes, so this is for them…

Relationship Reality: Are Your Relationships Based In Reality or Fantasy?

Within the next two to
three minutes, you will uncover if you have had relationships based in reality
or fantasy!
want you to recall a failed relationship and ask yourself one question,
“Why didn’t it work?”
you may answer, “They cheated, lied, changed, etc.” But be honest
with yourself. Without honesty there cannot be any changes in your life.

truth may be you created a world in which this person could not live up too!
“How is that possible,” is what you are thinking, “I would never
do such a thing!” Maybe not intentionally but you do it! Heck, we all do
it until we realize we are doing it!
often you project your image of the person onto them. Thus, creating your
fantasy person. We see only the image we created.
is important to recognize early on because at no point did the person ask you
to think so highly of them. You focus on their “potential” and figure
eventually he/she will get to that place he/she should be to make you happy.
once the individual steps outside of the image you created you begin to think,
“They changed!” But in reality they were the same all a long.
essence, what you have done was create a “virtual reality” or
“fantasy world” based on the images present in your mind. That is why
many of us get hurt in our relationships. We are not realistic but idealistic.
the difference between a Realistic person and an Idealistic person?
realistic person will go into a relationship with their eyes open
realistic person will lay the cards on the table and get down to details of
what the relationship is going to be
realistic person will speak their mind and say what they feel even though it
may hurt the person in the short term
realistic person is honest with the individual regarding their life and shows
they care about the person and not focused on what they can get from the
realistic person understands there will be problems and issues but working
together they can overcome anything
realistic person tends to be more genuine in their love and support
much, much more Idealistic:
idealistic person will forgo the communication and move straight into sex
idealistic person will say “I love you” quick
idealistic person will get emotionally attached quick
idealistic person will think, “This is my dream person.” Technically,
they would be right, as it is a dream they are living and their new mate would
be a dream person.
idealistic person will cry because their dream relationship did not work out
then repeat the process over again
idealistic person will blame everyone else for causing the problem but never
look at themselves
idealistic person lives in a fantasy world where everything works and nothing
idealistic person is usually kicked square in the face by reality and still
will not wake up
much, much more! The question you need to ask yourself is, “Am I a
realistic person or am I am idealistic person?” The answer to that
question will help you to understand why your relationships end and how to say
goodbye to relationship mistakes and avoid unhappy relationships.
don’t go analyzing people and prejudging them. This, as well as everything else
you may read on other web sites, is just a guide. Use your common sense and
just pay attention when you are dealing with people.
Nelson, MSA is a Motivational Speaker, Life Counselor and Author who creates
guides, e-Courses and run several web sites that help people achieve their
relationship, personal, life and professional goals. To learn more visit How To Meet The Man of Your Dreams and How To Meet The
Woman of Your Dreams

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