Fresh from the garden – Zucchini Turkey Burgers!

So our garden is in full swing.  Right now we’re getting 4-5 cucumbers a week, there are about 3 dozen tomatoes in various stages and today we pulled our first zucchini and one lonely beet.

Turkey-Zucchini Burger with Spinach and side of pressed sour cream cucumber salad

In the past I haven’t cooked a lot.  I know how and I’m actually pretty good at it (my brother is a professional chef, so next to him my cooking is the equivalent of making toast), its just not something I have particularly enjoyed in the past.

Today I am making Zucchini Turkey Burgers.  I don’t have a recipe, I’m just making it up as I go along.

First I took one of the 2 zucchini’s we picked this morning and coarsely grated it.  

Then I picked some Sage and Sweet Basil and chopped up about 4 large Basil leaves and 8 Sage leaves.     
I combined the zucchini herb blend with a package of Ground Turkey and smushed it up in a bowl.
I’m letting it set for about 4 hours to let all the flavors incorporate. 

I don’t know if letting it set will do anything,
but that’s how long I’m leaving the cucumbers to press for our side salad.

A dash of pepper, then I’m going to fry them in a little Olive Oil and serve them up on toasted onion buns.

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