National Bagpipe Appreciation Day

Personally, I find the bagpipes to be both soothing and energizing depending on the tempo.  My iTunes has a large selection devoted to this instrument in my Bedtime and Celtic Energy play lists.  

Of course bagpipes are also a wonderful way of torturing my coworkers!  Once they even proved effective “punishment” after my assistant played a prank on me.  I jokingly made her listen to bagpipes for the last 20 minutes of the day.  She was less than thrilled, but we still laugh about it. 

For some, the bagpipe’s combination of whines and drones is a little rough on the ears. But today we should all take some time to appreciate this unique musical instrument. After all, there are so few instruments that involve big pillows full of air and multiple pipes. And nothing says ‘parade’ like a big bunch of bagpipers. So if you see a bagpipe, give it a hug. You might just make beautiful music together.

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