Stained Glass Pug & Pomeranian and maybe a Peacock

Getting all the final measurements together to pick up lumber this week (Jerry gets $$).  Can’t wait to get started on new and finish old projects.  We should have my workbench all set up by the end of the month and my goal is to be able to start working on November 1 (gotta leave room in the schedule for the Highland Games next weekend!).

First off I think I will do a real simple piece to check the equipment after the move and warm up my skills.  I am thinking of doing this Pomeranian sun catcher piece, but have to check my glass supply.  I don’t think I have enough “natural” colors.  Maybe I’ll do another simple peacock sun catcher…

That’s not a crack in the glass.
 It’s the light reflecting off the fishing line used to hang.

Then I want to finish the Pug I started before the tremors in my hands forced me stop after splashing hot solder on myself a couple times.  Now that the tremors are being controlled with medication, I am really anxious to get going again.

3 thoughts on “Stained Glass Pug & Pomeranian and maybe a Peacock”

  1. I love your pug! My husband and I do stained glass together and I know how tricky patterns can be. If you don't mind me asking… I would love the pattern for this pug, where did you find it? 🙂
    I look forward to seeing the final project.


  2. Hi. I created the pattern based on a panel I saw. I wanted to make it for a couple of friends that love pugs, so I took a picture of the panel and traced out the basic design making some minor adjustments.


  3. This looks remarkably similar to my pug pattern, which I first drew in 2005. You said you created your pattern based on a panel you saw. Do you mind my asking where you saw your inspiration panel?


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