Buy Avon ONLINE to Support a Single Mom with MS

Angie is a single parent, a veteran and is confined to a wheelchair due to MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  Her MS has gotten to the point where it is difficult for her to even write many days, we help her complete her paperwork for AVON and calculate the receipts, though there aren’t a lot being located in the largest and poorest public housing community in the city.

She is an amazing mother and takes advantage of every program we offer for her daughter.  Over the summer she chaperoned an overnight sleep over to the Science Museum, just so her daughter would be able to go.  She never gave it a thought or made a peep about it, even though it meant she would have to spend the night in her wheelchair.
If you ever buy AVON, or are interested in doing so, and do not have a regular representative, please consider buying from Angie’s storefront.    

You can pay securely online using Credit Card or Paypal!
No more writing checks to your representative 
and working with their schedule!

Enter the code “FirstRep” and receive
FREE SHIPPING to wherever you want!!!
You can purchase AVON from the website: and enter Angela Childs of Virginia as your representative, OR
Click on the Lips to go to 
Angie’s Official Avon Storefront here: 

No order is too small and they have wonderful items on sale for stocking stuffers! 

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