Two Fosters Adopted Out, One Taken In

Our sweet little BamBam and Fizzgig have gone to new homes  It is so hard to say goodbye, but knowing how much they are being loved and spoiled makes it easier.

Now we have a new little boy named Shamrock.  He was part of the initial rescue with Fizzgig and BamBam but initially went to another foster home.  As it turns out he is extremely shy and fearful so after our boys left this past weekend we picked him up for some more intensive one-on-one work.

It is becoming the pattern that any rescues where the dogs are shy, scared or need some sort of behavior modification come to Jerry & I.  It turns out that we are pretty good at working with the dogs and getting them ready for new homes.

People at work say its because I’m very “maternal”.  HA!  Its not the first time I have heard that and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  People have often asked us why we don’t have kids.  I’m very good with kids, but only for a limited time.  I, like generations before me in my family, do not have the patience or temperament to be a parent 24/7.


Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia’s Adoptable Pet List

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