ADOPTED!!! Cherry has gone to her new home in Alexandria!

Yoda ears I have

For more pictures and contact information, scroll to bottom of post.

From her owner:
“She is an excellent jumper, and is small enough to fit through
the links in a chain link fence.   She
loves to walk on a leash w/ a harness.  
She loves car rides and shopping in the store.   She will potty outside and also uses a potty
pad.   She likes to be held A LOT!   She doesn’t like being closed up in a crate
and will cry (even in an Iris Pen).   Her
cry sounds like a squeaky toy.   That is
why I’m hoping to find someone who wants a pet who is home most of the
time.   She gets along fine w/ other poms,
but she mostly wants her human friends.  
She likes to sleep in the bed with you.  
This pup was “hand” fed for several months because her mom
stopped nursing her and she didn’t have teeth yet.
DOB:   12/12/11
Name: Cherry
Sex:   Female
Color: Red Sable
Size:   2 lbs 12 ozs.

From me:

“We’ve been “dog-sitting” for
about a week now and she is adorable!  
She gets along fine with our 3 dogs and didn’t seem bothered by our
neighbors cat.   She is very adventurous
and knows no fear.   Her jumping is
amazing for such a little thing.   She
will jump from a sitting position into my lap on the couch without even a
little scramble.   I was so amazed by her
clearing this jump, I got my tape measure out to see just how tall my sofa is,
18 inches!!!!

She is pretty quiet as long as she’s
happy.   She has two distinctive
barks.   Her “big girl bark”
comes out when she is in protective mode and when I come home from work and she
chews me out for leaving her home.   Her
“squeaky toy bark”   is very
funny and comes out when she is crying or try into get your attention.

She does love getting attention from
Jerry, but like Barb says, she seems to prefer her girlfriends.   Of course, that could just be with us.   She follows me around the house more often
than Jerry and he   doesn’t get the same
level of tongue lashing that I get when we come home.

She is a snuggler, wether its on your
lap, next to you or in bed.   She will
stretch out next to you on the couch for hours if you sit still that long.   Of course, she is very concerned about your
safety and will never let you traverse those slippery bathroom floors
alone.   She’ll be right there with you in
case you need some assistance. ;)”

She is AKC registered and her pedigree is available to serious buyers.  Domestic Shipping is available for the right family.

You can contact me by commenting here or emailing from my Home page.  You can also message her owner directly by clicking here to send a Facebook Private Message

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