Happy 10th Chemoversary to me!


Happy 10th

I told Jerry we’d stop celebrating chemo-versary at 10 years, maybe it was getting to be a bit much.  He said we were going to keep celebrating because every chemo-versary is another year he has his wife with him. So, even after this one, we will keep celebrating.
To celebrate, I got my first mammogram.  Put it off for 2 years, dreaded getting
it.  Was in and out in 45 minutes and the
hardest part was trying to keep my balance when they were trying to get a
certain angle on my medi-port scars. 
This is one instance where I think big boobs are a blessing.  You just slap that girl up on the plate and
the top plate comes down, a gentle squish, 20 seconds and all done.  I think ladies with small boobies have it
rougher because there is probably some tugging involved to get the girls to
stay in place.


I have been fortunate in that even though my Hodgkin’s was
advanced (Stage 3B), we were able to treat successfully and I have had no recurrence.  One thing I do find peculiar is that know
that my immune system is suppressed from irreversible damage done by the
cancer, I actually get sick less.  Weird,

Part of it is that I do pay more attention to people sniffling
around me, stay properly hydrated, and take vitamins religiously.  I think a larger part is that I had a very
strong immune system to begin with even though it didn’t seem like it. 


When I was little, I remember my mom sending me to play with
Shauna when she had the chicken pox hoping I would get them and get it over
with (it took another 7 years, damn younger brothers) and having perfect
attendance.  I just didn’t really get
sick except the occasional earache.  Fast
forward 20 years and if someone sneezed near me I got the flu!  Total reversal!  This went on for almost 8 years.  Thankfully Hodgkin’s is a slow progressing
form of Lymphoma or I might not be here today.

I look back on it now as my body was busy fighting the cancer undetected
for several years and figured,
“Hey, I’m a little busy in
here.  I’ll handle keeping these tumors
at bay, but you are gonna have to take one for the team and handle the
sinusitis. Deal?”



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