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Why Are Aries So

People born between March 21 and April 20 fall under the Aries
sign of the zodiac.

Aries are adventurous, passionate, and curious by nature. Aries
are also incredibly sensitive.

This sensitivity comes as a surprise in light of Aries other
. It takes an understanding of what makes Aries tick
to appreciate why Aries are so sensitive.

Aries Characteristics

Aries have a tendency to take the lead. Their courageous nature
and the strength of their convictions spurs Aries to search out challenges and
adventures. Aries enjoy a challenge. The adrenaline rush and the opportunity to
pit their strength and intelligence against a worthy opponent play into Aries
passionate nature. Aries throw themselves into projects and
wholeheartedly, often without much thought to the

Aries also tend towards arrogance. The strength of their
convictions and their innate stubbornness makes it difficult for Aries to back
down. Some Aries are downright confrontational. This is a problematic trait, as
impulsive Aries does not always think before acting or speaking. Those involved
romantically with Aries often accuse Aries of being insensitive. This is ironic
because partners and family members of Aries know that Aries are themselves
incredibly sensitive.

Aries Sensitive Side

Aries’ very nature sets them up for hypersensitivity. Aries are
passionate, driven, and often impulsive in their decision making. Paired with
their stubbornness, these qualities ensure that Aries repeatedly find
themselves in difficult situations of their own making. An impulsive business
venture or a poorly thought through plan results in Aries feeling foolish and
also unable to admit that they were wrong.

Aries passionate side leads them into friendships and romantic
partnerships that consume them. When feelings are not returned, Aries are
devastated. Their stubbornness and confrontational nature make Aries difficult
to compromise with. Aries have a hard time understanding why their partners get
frustrated with them. When a partner does not share Aries excitement over a new
project, Aries takes it personally.

Aries want to lead. Their strong convictions and enthusiasm are
catching. Others find Aries’ enthusiasm contagious and are eager to follow
Aries. This backfires when Aries make a bad decision or act without proper
research. Aries have a very hard time admitting they were wrong, and they also
crave approval. When approval is taken away, even if it is Aries’ fault, Aries
are terribly upset.

Aries resiliency helps them counter their innate sensitivity. It
enables them to bounce back from depression. Unfortunately, Aries do not always
learn from their mistakes. This means that every time Aries bounces back, they
are at risk of repeating the same mistakes.

Aries are capable of self-reflection. Aries that realize their
mistakes are usually too hard on themselves. They cannot believe that they let
themselves make an error, and are deaf to others’ attempts to comfort them.
Aries high personal expectations are often unreasonable. Failure to achieve
these goals leaves Aries feeling dejected.

Learning From Sensitivity

Sensitivity is the price Aries pay for their passion. Aries are
sensitive because their nature tends towards the extreme. It is impossible for
Aries to live up to their own expectations and for others to live up to the
expectations Aries have for them. Aries can learn from their sensitivity. Their
impetuous personality often offends others. By taking the time to analyze their
own sensitivity, Aries better understands the impact their actions have on others.

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