New Years Resolution – The Year of the De-Clutter!!

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This year I resolved to be the year of de-cluttering, organizing, and streamlining our home.

To get a jump start, I resolved that for at least the month of January, every day I would do the following:

1. Put something up for sale on eBay/Facebook marketplace
2. Put something in our Goodwill box
3. Throw something away

So far so good.  Dropped a paper grocery bag full of items off at Goodwill earlier this week, have made a few bucks.  

Whenever the donate items have accumulated to the point they fill a paper grocery bag, they get dropped off.  That way, they are out of the house, out of the way, and there is no temptation to change my mind!

For every item we bring into the house this year, 2 have to go out!

Image result for declutter

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